Taxes and good Habits

With tax season fast approaching I wanted to make it easier for you to streamline your documents and file. I wrote a few posts about taxes here, and here, and also wanted to encourage you to start a habit. Taxes and good habits are hard to start but SO worth it! A good habit is keeping track all year of your child support expenses. Its hard, believe me I know! Thats exactly why I created SupportPay! Wouldn’t it be nice to simply take 5 minutes gathering your pay stubs, W2’s and your SupportPay app and off to get your taxes done? No more rummaging, stressing and making every counter top look like a recyle bin exploded with receipts! Oh and one more thing…

FREE…isn’t it a beautiful word? It draws you in. No matter what is being offered for free, you want it. And when it is something that you actually need, even better! What more could you ask for from a product that serves you and your family, giving you peace of mind, fewer fights and disagreements, and better communication? All of it for free.

SupportPay wants to support your family. This product is designed to help parents share child expenses. After a divorce or separation, there are so many details to work out in scheduling, daily life activities, money exchange, holidays, and caring for the needs of the children….just to name a few. Our goal is to make at least one of those major conflict-ridden areas much easier. This free online tool is a way for the parents to “talk” to each other about all the little details, without really having to talk. Each parent can enter in expenses related to the child, photograph receipts, add bills, make payments, store documents, and communicate about everything related to money so that nothing gets missed. Each parent will see what their portion of a payment is.

Imagine, no more calling the ex to beg for their half of a payment. No more need to explain what expenses you really spent money on. No more asking for money when you are exchanging kids for the weekend. No more fighting about money in front of the children. You get to just focus on the child, their needs, and having a happy, healthy relationship with them. Let SupportPay do the talking in this area for you. Divorce is stressful enough. Our hope is to take this off your plate and make your life easier. And we believe in our product and its benefits so much, that we’d like to do it for FREE.

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