Arizona Is Getting Clever About How To Collect Child Support

Getting backpay is never easy – but Arizona child support enforcers services seem to have found a unique approach that doesn’t exactly involve court orders. Instead, Arizona will be hosting a phone-a-thon, where individuals can call in and get back on track with child support payments. During the last phone-a-thon and similar get back child support events, Arizona collected nearly $32 million in back owed child support.

We think this is a smart approach. Time and again we’ve seen that heavy enforcement via penalties, fines, and jail are not effective means of getting back child support that is owed to families. Instead, it just kicks the can further down the road, and families who need the money never end up seeing it.

It’s just this problem that SupportPay seeks to solve. Our solution is used to track, monitor, and schedule child support – or get individuals back into paying child support. If you are someone who is collecting child support, our tool is exactly what you need to share with them. Even if you aren’t on speaking terms with your ex, using SupportPay is easy and you never have to talk face to face or even on the phone – all communications can be done directly through the SupportPay tool.

Best of all, we launched our latest 4.0 version, which has tons of new features, like:

So it’s not just Arizona child support that’s finding new ways to innovate and get back pay. We want to continue to innovate and make sure that we are there supporting families in every way possible. Try SupportPay today, and for a limited time use our free trial to get started. We also have customer service available that is ready to help.

Whether it’s getting back pay or keeping on track, SupportPay is the smart choice.

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