Readeo – A Great Highlight for Literacy Awareness Month


Children love to read books with their grown ups – and now they can do it with Readeo.

Time, social distancing, and geography are no longer barriers to reading together. This innovative app duplicates the in-person reading experience better than any other tool. More story time means more quality time, and it will benefit everyone in the family. Digitized books will keep the kids engaged and coming back for more, and it can even become a family ritual.

While Readeo was initially conceived as a tool to connect grandparents and grandchildren, it’s also a fantastic tool for parents raising children in two homes. Reading together is a proven way to connect with children, and it fosters greater interaction than a phone call or even FaceTime. A Readeo subscription can help ease your child’s anxiety when they’re missing their away parent, and it is a good substitute for court-ordered phone calls, because children will actually look forward to it. Plus, during social distancing, Readeo connects your children with their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and all the other important grown ups in their life that they have not been able to see in the past year.

Not only is it a great gift for one of your loved ones, but for you as well. Keeping everyone connected is something that has become of greater importance, or at least it is of greater awareness in more people’s lives. Whether you are old or young, reading nurtures the mind and brings us to places where we cannot travel to at the moment. There is nothing that we think could be better for Literacy Awareness Month than to sit down with the ones you love, even if you are separated by miles and miles. We at SupportPay use, and highly recommend, Readeo to you and your families!

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