How New Online Tools Are Helping With Family Support


Divorce is never a walk in the park. Even couples who work to make a break up amicable will still have their fare of trying times. And if you add relocation and moves into the mix – and children – then managing time itself becomes a job.

I have a friend who recently went through a divorce but is still looking for ways to be involved in his child’s life. He’d still like to be present whenever he can be for important and small moments – whether it’s their son’s first trip to Disneyland or learning how to walk. But so often he’s finding that he simply doesn’t know how to properly manage his time.

That’s why he started using SupportPay – not just for the daily management of his child support payments and tracking of his finances – but also as a way to schedule time and communicate with his ex wife. Shared calendars work to make sure that there is a one stop shop for child and family support. Because he has a tool at the ready that allows him to take care of everything related to child support and spousal support, such as alimony. SupportPay 4.0, the latest offering, has much more to help as well, including:

  • Quick registration
  • Recurring expenses
  • Track expense history
  • Document storage
  • Court-ordered calculation
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Categories and merchants
  • Public and private itemization
  • Proof of payment and receipt uploads

When looking at family support, it needs to be approached holistically, and not separately. By allowing a place for parents to login and take care of the child support payment process, it leaves them time and energy to plan around how to best still be involved in supporting a co-parenting family.

If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline child support and alimony payments, then SupportPay is the solution. Try it today and start to make your life easier.

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