Interview with Jennifer Warren Medwin on Empowerment

We could think of no person better to highlight for International self-esteem month and help explain empowerment than Jennifer Warren Medwin. We asked her some questions about her life as a divorce coach and the strategies she uses to help her clients. We are proud to welcome Jennifer to our team and introduce you to her fascinating world.

1. You are a champion of empowerment. Can you explain what that means, and what it looks like during divorce?

My practice is based on the Empowerment Dynamic Theory which states that regardless of the situation, human beings are always at choice. At the most fundamental level, we can choose to be a victim or a creator of any situation. I partner with my clients to move beyond their personal narratives to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Our control over any situation is how we react and respond to it. My coaching is both educational and skill based. I help clients understand the four quadrants of divorce so that their process is more efficient, productive, and amicable.

2. We’re so excited to feature you during International Self-Esteem Month. Divorce can wreak havoc on self-esteem. Can you help us understand when we need to seek professional help?

Divorce is a challenging process. It is essential to listen to your inner whispers. If self-doubt and fear of the divorce process are reoccurring thoughts, it is a good time to seek the support of a Certified Divorce Coach who specializes in helping clients contemplating, going through, or starting a new chapter after divorce. I encourage my clients to be the authors of their personal stories and to champion their authenticity through skills-based education and structured activities. Helping my clients be mindful of carefully selecting the thoughts and actions that drive them towards their goals is the foundation of my practice. Assisting them in understanding who they are when they are their best selves, their conflict management strategies, their love language, their inner dialogue, and their communication skills is essential for maintaining a strong sense of self.

3. How do we guide our clients towards help without crossing any boundaries?

Whatever we go through we grow through! I encourage my clients to look for the messages in the mess. It is important to acknowledge that we are the most malleable when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Divorce is hard! It makes us question so many things in our lives, particularly our self-worth. I partner with and teach skills to my clients that help them be the architects of their lives. Prioritizing daily positive check-ins, use of affirmations, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, gratitude, and other healthy habits is key to feeling empowered during this process. I support my clients to be a part of their own support system which incorporates learning to identify wants, being aware of self-defeating thoughts, and focusing on one’s strengths. Learning skills to replace criticism and comparison with acceptance and appreciation assists my clients in moving forward.


Jennifer Warren Medwin is a new member to the SupportPay Advisory Council, a fantastic divorce coach, author of her new book: “Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward”, and so much more! Find out more about Jennifer and her practice here.

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