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Visitation Rights – What You Need to Know

Visitation rights – it’s something that comes up in nearly all child support cases involving divorce or separation. But what exactly is visitation, and how is it managed? To break it down, visitation rights for fathers or mothers simply refers … Read More

A Child Support Law You Need To Know About

If you’re a father in Iowa paying child support, or many states across the nation, and you’re separated but not divorced, you may want to pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you. If you’re legally married, but … Read More


What is a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement is an arrangement on all the issues you and your spouse need to resolve before getting divorced, such as the division of marital property (assets and debts), child custody, visitation and support issues, and Temporary Maintenance and … Read More


You Need Child Support But Don’t Wanna Talk To Your Ex

Talking to your ex is tough – but it just got a little easier.  Love can be a strange and funny thing. When you’re in the thick of it, all you want to do is be around that person and … Read More

Why Pay Your Child Support On Time,learn about the reasons

It probably goes without saying that there are consequences to not paying child support – and none of them are fun. All across the country law enforcement is cracking down on parents who are not paying their child support payments. … Read More

How Alimony and Child Support Affect Your Taxes

If you haven’t started doing your taxes yet, you’re running out of time to gather the necessary paperwork to meet this year’s April 15 filing deadline. And while many people believe filing taxes just means telling the IRS how much … Read More

How is Our Property Divided in a Divorce?

Marital property includes anything earned or acquired by either spouse during the marriage that is not separate property. This includes wages earned by either spouse, increased value of pensions, and debts incurred by either spouse during the marriage. Divorce is … Read More


Parents, Not a Judge, Should Make Decisions About Their Children

As parents, we decide when our kids will do their homework, what time they’ll go to bed, whether or not Cup Noodles counts as a balanced meal.  It’s our role to take charge of our children’s development, without too much … Read More

A Brief Overview of Child Support Laws

It may come as a surprise to many, but child support laws are not a new phenomenon in the United States. Since the very founding of our nation, child support laws were baked into constitutional and colonial laws. It was … Read More

Tips on How to Find A Lawyer

Where do you go for answers to all of the questions that come up during and after a divorce? Who’s responsibility is THAT? Which one of us is supposed to do this? What do I do in that crazy situation? … Read More

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South Carolina Child Support System

In 1988, Congress passed the Family Support Act (FSA), which gave the states ten years to build a statewide Child Support Enforcement System (CSES). The state of South Carolina took a full six years after FSA was passed to hire … Read More

A Child of Divorce & My Quest to Make Things Better for My Child

Here is an interview I conducted on HuffPost Live talking about growing up as a child of divorce. The truth is that my parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars when it came to their divorce – yet there were days where … Read More

The Irony of Divorce with Children

Divorce doesn’t make it easier. One of the first questions I’m asked when someone finds out that I am a single mother is “why did you divorce?” This question is common to anyone who has a child and is no … Read More

Child Support Doesn’t End at 18

Although many people believe that child support ends at the age of 18 recent US Census data shows that 21.6 million members of the “Millennial Generation” (ages 18-31) lived in their parents’ home in 2012. More Adults Living At Home … Read More