You Need Child Support But Don’t Wanna Talk To Your Ex


Talking to your ex is tough – but it just got a little easier. 

Love can be a strange and funny thing. When you’re in the thick of it, all you want to do is be around that person and spend every waking moment with them. But then, as many of us know, that feeling often doesn’t last. And it’s unfortunate – but a reality – when it happens to a marriage when children are involved. But it can be even more difficult, frustrating, and maddening when that person you could talk to about anything is simply someone you no longer care to talk to or have as a part of your life.

Truth be told, this is a more common problem than you might even realize. And there’s nothing wrong with it – people do grow apart, or move on, and simply don’t wish to communicate anymore. Perhaps there are concerns for safety or well-being as well. Again, understandable reasons. But that doesn’t mean that you can cut off communication completely if you are collecting child support. And this gets especially difficult when the payer of child support missing a payment or stops paying altogether.

So, what can you do? What are some ways to contact the other parent should you need to? The most obvious one, if it’s related to money, is to try to find an intermediary or third party. Oftentimes, however, this can cost money, particularly if the other parent has moved somewhere remote or across many state lines. For example, a parent looking to have child support paid in Nevada when the other parent lives in rural Wyoming makes reaching the parent more difficult. Courts can also be appealed to, but the timing of getting a response can be at a sloth’s pace (think of the Sloths from Zootopia). It’s not that the state agencies aren’t working hard (they are great people), but there are hundreds of thousands of cases, and getting a response will drag on. Potentially for years, or even a decade.

This is one of the main reasons SupportPay exists – to help parents talk about finances without ever having to come into contact with one another. Through the SupportPay interface, parents can track, discuss, and account for child support payments. Because everything is accounted for in the product itself, there is little need to talk one on one anymore. And more to the point, we’ve found that parents using the app have increasingly been found to make more payments on time. By going through the app, everything is tracked and recorded properly, making sure that timely payments are easy and hassle-free.

If you’re looking to make paying and tracking child support easier, try SupportPay today for free.

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