A Child Support Law You Need To Know About

A Child Support Law You Need To Know About

If you’re a father in Iowa paying child support, or many states across the nation, and you’re separated but not divorced, you may want to pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you. If you’re legally married, but separated, and your wife has a child with another man, you could be on the hook for child support.

Sound crazy? Well, it happened recently to a man in Davenport, Iowa. He had been separated from his wife for fifteen years, but not legally divorced. She eventually chose to have another child – one that is not biologically his. But the catch is that Iowa law states that a divorce prior to the birth of the child is the only way to ensure that a father is not responsible for the child.

We have years of experience understanding how complex and arcane and even mystifying family courts and their laws can be. To hear a story like this just makes it harder for people, and good parents, to trust the system. It’s part of the reason why so many parents, who may want to pay child support, end up missing payments or losing faith in the process. It’s not too difficult to see that while everyone has good intentions, there are many instances where laws don’t always protect all parties in the child support process equally.

SupportPay was designed and built for situations like these – to make sure that not only are child support payments tracked, but that parents get access to the information that they need to make informed decisions about their lives. We have a family law network that is able to help you make legal decisions in cases like these. Our team is always ready to make sure that your life as a parent is easier. So if you’re paying child support in Iowa – or any state – contact us today.

  • Kim

    I want to move to California but I have to pay child support for my daughter and we live in Nevada. Can I leave Nevada and just still make the payments in California or do I have to contact the office in Nevada and say I am leaving to move to California but will still be making paymemts.

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