A Child Support Law You Need To Know About

If you’re a father in Iowa paying child support, or many states across the nation, and you’re separated but not divorced, you may want to pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you. If you’re legally married, but separated, and your wife has a child with another man, you could be on the hook for child support.

Sound crazy? Well, it happened recently to a man in Davenport, Iowa. He had been separated from his wife for fifteen years, but not legally divorced. She eventually chose to have another child – one that is not biologically his. But the catch is that Iowa law states that a divorce prior to the birth of the child is the only way to ensure that a father is not responsible for the child.

We have years of experience understanding how complex and arcane and even mystifying family courts and their laws can be. To hear a story like this just makes it harder for people, and good parents, to trust the system. It’s part of the reason why so many parents, who may want to pay child support, end up missing payments or losing faith in the process. It’s not too difficult to see that while everyone has good intentions, there are many instances where laws don’t always protect all parties in the child support process equally.

SupportPay was designed and built for situations like these – to make sure that not only are child support payments tracked but that parents get access to the information that they need to make informed decisions about their lives. We have a family law network that is able to help you make legal decisions in cases like these. Our team is always ready to make sure that your life as a parent is easier. So if you’re paying child support in Iowa – or any state – contact us today.


  1. Kim

    I want to move to California but I have to pay child support for my daughter and we live in Nevada. Can I leave Nevada and just still make the payments in California or do I have to contact the office in Nevada and say I am leaving to move to California but will still be making paymemts.

    • Bernadette Quinonez

      I share custody of my 3 kids with my ex.My ex has physical of them. But 2 1/2 weeks ago he called me to pick up my son, because he said “I can’t handle him”.
      I’m low income, and work part time, he only wants to help by pay his phone and healthcare. He sent him with a bag of clothes that didn’t fit, all but 2 pairs fine and 2 shirts. What can I do so we come to terms, but I don’t want him to take my son.

      • Sheri Atwood

        The best thing you can do for your son is to come to a written agreement with your ex that clearly documents how much and what each person will pay for and what else they will provide. If this doesn’t work you can get a formal child support order by visiting your local child support agency. You can find more information by visiting:

        • Ma. Felicitas bagain wenzel

          >my x husband abandoned me and my son, 8years ago, we still married in the Philippines, but he divorce me in wisconsin, how can I get my son, childsupport, and he is active duty in u. S army, hes hiding from us…

        • Rosa Ramos

          Mi ex no me da lo que es para mis hijos me da solo 400 cada vez que le da la gana que puedo hacer para que de la manutencion

      • Linda Lockhart

        Your income doesn’t have a thing to do with your ability to take care of him.
        Obviously his father”can’t and “won’t” take care of him. File for child support. The support division will deduct it from his paycheck. As long as he works you’ll get paid. Establish visitation at the same time. If he doesn’t return the child on time violate him. Do NOT let him use that chil to blackmail you into letting him get away with being a Dad when it’s convenient for him and at no cost. It’s tuff being a single parent, male or female and he shouldn’t be let off the hook so easy.

      • SHANNA

        My kids father owes 44 thousand in child support and fails to pay. He has a warrant no one will pick him up. He does nothing for them nor even see them. IM BEYONE SICK OF THIS what need to be done???

    • Sheri Atwood

      I’m assuming that you are making payments to the state. If this is the case, no matter where you live you would continue to make payments to the state in which your child support case is registered.

  2. Lala

    How much I can ask for my son child support, his father will just permanently strt giving his son child support this coming April 2021(with DNA), his ex USMC and have new job as cyber security and I’m from Philippines with my son and his marriage in America and have 2 biological kids and 1 adobted son 22 years old. How much is the right amount for my son support I don’t have idea.

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