A solution to help with child support – Finally!

Stress. Pain. Confusion. Complex. Consuming. These are just a few words that might describe what you are going through. Do you find yourself recently divorced and left to pick up the pieces of the family mess? Or have you been split for years but still struggle with balancing children, finances, and simple day to day life with your ex? Either way, SupportPay can be just the saving grace you are looking for.

Imagine an online tool that would allow you to track all your child’s expenses and needs, allow you and your spouse to pay for those things without ever needing to talk about it, send email reminders when money is due, and keep track of everything for tax purposes. And…you could get all this and more…for FREE!

SupportPay is the ONLY online payment platform for sharing child expenses. It is free and simple to use. You can enter in all your court documents and it will make sense of the responsibility of payments. You choose what transactions, documents and information you want to share with the other parent. It tracks everything, records everything and archives everything. All in one place.

No more filing your receipts or looking for ones that you lost anyway. No more phone calls begging the other parent for payment. No more yelling about finances in front of the children. No more wondering if your money was spent the way you had hoped. This online tool makes your life so much less about the struggle and so much more about the true focus…taking care of your children and their needs. What are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself today! Or refer a friend in need.

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