Co-Parenting And The Dilemma of Shared Expenses

You’ve found a way to make co-parenting easier, and have finally discovered how you can work together on timelines, events, and who takes the kids when and where. You’ve managed to make it easier on yourselves by deciding to work together, in unison, for the betterment of your children. As co-parents, you understand the need to share and continue to raise your child in a situation with both parents. However, there is still that one piece that always comes up – shared expenses.

Dealing with money is a stressor. Can’t avoid it. It’s one of the top reasons couples end up divorcing or splitting up. Handling money and expenses is not easy – but doing it when co-parenting can be even more difficult, and when you start playing the blame game, then its game over.

Sheri Atwood, founder of SupportPay, found a better way to deal with child support and shared expenses for parents. When she was looking to start off her life as a co-parent, she saw that there was just no simple way for parents to track and monitor child support, or share expenses.

So she created SupportPay – a one stop platform as a go to for all things child support. Our latest offering, SupportPay 4.0, allows for sharing expenses, tracking expenses, and a streamlined way to work together that eliminates the stress of managing money.

We currently have a free trial of SupportPay available for users to get set up in our system and see how easy our tool is to use. You start today by uploading your basic information, and by having your ex sign up as well so that you can begin tracking and monitoring expenses. By setting aside just a  brief amount of time you can save hundreds of hours and worry by truly automating this part of your life.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way for shared expenses, SupportPay 4.0 gets you there. Sign up today.

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