Why Partial Payment Matters For Paying Child Support


It’s a truism – there are hundreds of millions of dollars a year in child support that goes unpaid. States from California to Alabama have tried ways to increase payment, whether it be wage garnishments, revoking vehicle registration, and jail time, to try and collect back-pay child support. But this is not the best way to handle child support obligations – they tend to only be marginally effective, but still leave parents with no child support dollars at the end of the day. It just isn’t working, and paying child support on time hasn’t been easy.

But SupportPay is working to make a better solution for everyone, and help you get more child support payments, more often. That’s why the latest SupportPay offering now includes partial payments. This is a revolutionary new way to help meet child support obligations. Instead of missing all payments, a payer is able to quickly and

Here are some of the benefits of partial payments for child support:

  1. Meet child support payment obligations over time, rather than in one lump sum.
  2. Avoid costly penalties and fines for missing deadlines.
  3. Continue to be in touch with your ex, and give them transparency on payment timelines.
  4. Pay as much as you can, when you can.
  5. Automate payments to meet your paycheck or payment schedule.

There are many more. Paying child support is now easy and automated. Try SupportPay today, and avoid the penalties of late child support payments.

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  1. Fredrick Carter

    Yes, it’s essential to keep track of child support payments. SupportPay sounds like a good option to stay abreast, especially when the complete amount cannot be paid in one go. Great work.

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