Divorce Reimbursement in Miami-Dade County

divorce reimbursement

Divorce reimbursements are a large but frankly unknown aspect of divorce that many people should know about. With 2,699,428 people, Miami-Dade County is the 1st most populated county in the state of Florida out of 67 counties. The largest Miami-Dade County racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (68.5%) followed by Black (15.8%) and White (13.2%).

If you made payments on your mortgage for example, you may be entitled to a divorce reimbursement. In Miami-Dade county this arises as a frequent issue, yet many people don’t take advantage of their legal rights. With high divorce rates and much confusing tax and financial issues, the majority of people end up without money that they are entitled to. The resources available may be difficult to find but we at SupportPay are here to help children get the support they deserve; and we are here for parents to reduce stress, save money, and simplify the divorce, and post-divorce process.

Miami Dade Child Support Resources

Miami-Dade courthouse

Miami Dade County Child Support Resources

Child Support Information 

Domestic Violence 

Check out these other helpful resources, and remember to look for tips on how to get a divorce reimbursement. There are many different expenses that you may have paid for over the course of your divorce proceeding that you may be entitled money for, and a divorce reimbursement may help you get back some of that money. You can get a divorce reimbursement for property, insufficient compensation for time or money spent on efforts for your business, reduced principal you received from an inheritance, and an array of other items.

If you cannot find such information here, ask your lawyer or follow the steps on your local county courthouse website.

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