The Reality of Child Support

Child support is a very confusing thing. You leave court with orders and plans, but then that doesn’t necessarily transfer to reality in the day to day. You have plenty of expenses and your child has needs. Who’s going to enforce that the plan is followed? Well, the government is supposed to track that the orders are followed and that child support payments are made. But really, there are over 14 million custodial parents in the United States. How are they really going to keep tabs on everyone? So what is the reality of Child Support?

The government can and does take steps to garnish wages for child support if necessary. They also can withhold passports or other documents from a non-paying parent. And at worst, there can be criminal charges given to that deadbeat parent who will just not live up to their end of the deal.

But what about the millions of cases that are not as severe to require jail time? What about the parent that pays a little bit, but not enough to meet the agreement, let alone the daily needs? Here is the reality according to a 2011 study:

  • 88.8% of child support agreements were are established in court.
  • 11.2% were informal agreements made mutually between the parents.
  • 26.1% had to ask for the governments help in collecting the support.
  • Only 43% of custodial parents received full payment from the noncustodial parent.
  • About 26% never received ANY of the money due them from the other parent.

All these and more were reasons for the creation of SupportPay. We want to give people an easy way to track what is happening financially for your family. Also, when you have a simple reminder and an easy way to see everything in front of you, people are much more willing to hand over what is expected. SupportPay users enjoy a very high rate of paid child support, 90% in fact! Each spouse sees clearly what is needed and is willing to complete the task of payment online. There really is no easier way to make it happen, to protect your own financial integrity, and to ensure that your child’s needs are met. Visit SupportPay today and see how you can make child support a much easier process for all parties involved.

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