The Passion Behind SupportPay with Sheri Atwood

I grew up a child of divorce. My mother raised me alone… and what I remember of my parents together involved an awful lot of fighting about money. So I suppose it’s no surprise that when I went through my own divorce shortly after my daughter was born, I wanted a different story for my family so I created SupportPay

My daughter is the most important thing in my life and making sure that she has a good childhood with two happy and involved parents is a big priority for me. One of the reasons I decided to get divorced was that I knew my daughter would be better off with parents that are separated but happy instead of together and miserable.

Getting divorced, especially when you have kids, is difficult. There are so many leftover emotions and communicating with your ex just gets harder. That’s why I created SupportPay. I wanted to make it easy and painless for exes to communicate… to share photos, share schedules, and share expenses… with fewer arguments and without burdening the kids they love so much.

With SupportPay, the custodial parent can easily keep track of all shared expenses and can even upload and share receipts to prove expenses.  This keeps these critical and tricky conversations online and not happening in front of the kids. Exes can keep their real life conversations cordial and never discuss money in person again.

SupportPay started out as an idea to help me manage my own financial responsibilities after divorce. But I felt like it was such a valuable tool for all divorced families, I wanted to make it available for everyone. Sign up for free today and get started on creating a better life for your kids… by taking the stress out of managing money between multiple households. And put the focus back on raising your kids.

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