How SupportPay can help after divorce

Poor communication is the number one reason that couples divorce. People like to say its money, but isn’t money just another way that your communication is lacking? So it just makes sense that most divorced couples will continue to have communication problems after the divorce is finalized… especially when children and child support are involved. I’m a child of divorce and one thing that I remember most about my parents’ divorce is that they fought constantly, mostly about money. And it gets more difficult sharing expenses with someone you are no longer married to.

When my daughter was a few months’ old, her father and I separated and subsequently divorced. Raising my daughter on my own wasn’t the scary part, though it wasn’t something I had dreamed of either, having been raised by a single mother.

So, I decided my divorce would be different, for my sake but more importantly for the emotional sake of my daughter. We agreed on custody and visitation and used the standard calculator to determine the amount of child support that would be paid. I thought that the hard work was behind me, but I was wrong.

I quickly discovered how difficult it was to keep track of all of my daughter’s expenses and to handle collecting payment from her dad. I began to feel more like a bill collector than anything else and the entire process was time consuming, exhausting and fraught with error. I can’t tell you how many times I wished I never had to talk to my ex about money again.

That’s when I started dreaming up SupportPay. I wanted a place where I could keep track of all of my daughter’s expenses, including proof such as receipts and a way to share this information with my ex. I also wanted this system to allow us to document our conversations regarding child support and even exchange money online.

Today, SupportPay is a reality. The online system I developed helps parents manage child support and share expenses for their children. It puts the money conversations online so you don’t have them in front of the kids. And the best part is, it’s simple to use!

Take the conflict out of sharing expenses by making everything transparent. Upload receipts for proof of expenses and ask for reimbursement. With SupportPay, there are no more arguments about how expensive it is to raise kids or where the money is being spent. SupportPay handles everything… the proof in the receipt, payment reminders, and payment receipts. No more conversations about money… it all happens online so you can focus on what matters, your kids.

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