What happened in 2014 in child support law

What Happened in 2014 about Child Support?

It can sure be confusing keeping up with all the legislative happenings around the state and the country. Thankfully the National Child Support Digest breaks it down and summarizes it in easier to digest chunks. A quick recap of the year is here for you to browse and decide where to might need to dive in further.

  • Child Support 101 and 101.2 – Do you need a quick course in what child support is, what it all means, and how to go about getting started? Look no further! This compilation of online documents is exactly what you need to learn all the basics. Now the second version has added information regarding enforcement of child support, including establishing, modifying and collecting support. Check it out here:
  • 2014 Legislative Action – The Child Support and Family Law Legislation Database is tracking 950 different bills from 46 states. Some of the growing trends are related to enforcement of income withholding, interception of lottery and gambling winnings, grandparent custody, and military parental situations. For more information on specific support for military parent and families, check out ncsl website. Many bills are also looking at families on public assistance as well as establishing education courses for divorcing couples, families and teens, in order to reduce the need for child support enforcement. See the details of the legislation here.
  • Workforce Program in Tennessee – The state of Tennessee has modeled the creation of a program that would increase employment and child support payments at the same time. In collaboration with many programs they created a toolkit to encourage other states to do the same type of program. Access to the toolkit here it is.
  • Wyoming’s Father Factor – This is an example of a program that offers counseling, legal, alimony, and family planning services for fathers. This federally funded program in Wyoming has proven to show an increased involvement of fathers in the lives of their children and in participating in child expenses.

There are many programs and legislative bills around the country striving to support parents and their children. Sifting through the information can be daunting but the digest is a great place to start. With all the confusing parts to the process, SupportPay can be a simple catalyst for child expenses enforcement. That is one thing we make easy for you. Sign up today!

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