Tips on keeping track of your money as a single parent

Flashback…Its the week before Christmas and my 10 year old daughter and I decide to brave the mall. She needs some teacher gifts to give before tomorrow, when school will break for 3 weeks. Of course we wait until the very last minute because we are so busy and I kept waiting to discuss the Christmas expenses with my ex. Well, its too late for that conversation now. Here we are the day before and I need 3 teacher gifts. Flash forward…Here are my tips to keep track of your money as a single parent


Luckily, SupportPay makes it so easy to keep track of all my expenses and allow me to share those with my ex. As the paying parent at that moment, I don’t have to worry about keeping track of how much things cost or who is going to pay for it. It stores receipts and calculates each parent’s amount, then sends notifications and keeps a history of all payments and expenses. With that weight lifted it allows me to be able to enjoy my shopping day with my daughter. This system saves me so much time, energy and emotion!

The receiving parent can quickly review the expenses and receipts and easily pay their portion. Payments can be automated and recurring if necessary in some cases. A payment schedule can be set up for future payments. Payments can be made online via Paypal so that both parents’ financial information is safe and secure. SupportPay does not see or have access to any financial data and neither does the other parent.


Our system supports many forms of payments besides Paypal. You can record a cash payment if one was made, and add the receipt that shows proof. A photo can be taken of a check or a credit card statement to show how payment was made. You can choose the best or most convenient way to make your payment and SupportPay will work out all the little details.

Unfortunately the costs that occur cannot always be agreed upon, so there is dispute management built into our system for your convenience. If parents are unable to agree, the information is stored for future use and data can be saved to bring to account as necessary. The goal here is to keep the focus on happy, healthy kids…and of course, to reward their teachers with a little something special during the holidays!

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