How to organize child support

One thing I’ve learned from running a business is that using spreadsheets to track money is a bad idea. That holds true for tracking child support payments too. Excel spreadsheets are great for many things, but keeping tabs on all things child support related is just too complicated. Organizing and keeping track of child support payments is extremely important for a number of reasons… first and foremost, when you keep good track of expenses and payments received, you minimize the opportunity for disagreements between you and your ex. You also make tax time easier and less stressful by organizing everything throughout the year. And of course, when disagreements arise, you can save time and money when you need to get a lawyer involved because you’ll have all the information at hand.

One thing I did to help keep my expenses organized was setting up a system in my home for keeping track of receipts. I picked up a little plastic desk organizer, like this organizer from The Container Store, with a few drawers and set it in a handy place in the kitchen. Every few days I take all the receipts from my wallet and stick them in one of the drawers, so they are all in one place. I still like this system but it didn’t eliminate the constantly fighting talking with my Ex about money in from of our daughter.

“You find yourself becoming not only the Mom or the Dad but also the Bill collector and having to remember because no one sends you a bill for child support”

But all this was Before Support Pay was born!

SupportPay makes organizing child support payments and expenses a snap. Simply scan and upload your receipts to the website. You can organize all your expenses in one place, whether they are recurring or one-time expenses, paid online or in a store.You can then keep track of payments you’ve received and even attach payments to the expenses they match up with. You have access to all of those features on the free account! You can sign up for the free account here. But really the best part is that you may never have to talk to your Ex about money again! Get back to focusing on what matters, your kids. Of course if you find yourself needing to handle disputes with your ex, you can always upgrade your account to take advantage of all the other great benefits.

When you (myself included) are in front of your kids together lets all get back to talking about what matters. How the kids are doing, and what is going on in the kids lives, not who owes who what.

Are there ways Support Pay can help you manage your child support? We are working hard adding new features so let us know below if there is something you would like to see.

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