Get Your Child Support In Order Before the New Year

It’s the time of year for celebrating family, friends and the holidays. But let’s be honest – it’s also that time of year for a lot of craziness, with everyone running around to get shopping done, take care of the kids, and seeing relatives you haven’t seen (or may not want to see) in forever. Too often we can be caught up in our busy lives, making sure we check all the boxes before we hit the bed too tired to sleep. So when it comes to finances and tracking and reporting them, we keep putting them off, procrastinating until the end of the year and tax time rolls around.

But it’s not all negative. The end of the year also brings with it an opportunity to get the craziness in order and start balancing your checkbook and personal finances. And if you’re dealing with the sometimes conflict ridden process of child support, now is the best time to make sure you’re ready for the New Year.

We’ve been working now on ensuring that your personal finances are easier than ever to handle when it comes to paying child support. That’s why we created SupportPay, the first ever automated child support platform, making it easy to share child expenses and to manage, organize, pay, and track support payments.

With SupportPay, you will no longer have to worry over tracking or paying your child support in a timely manner. And it will alleviate the potentially conflict ridden process of having to speak to your ex.

So as the New Year rolls around, take the time over the break to go through your finances and make sure that everything is in order. You’re going to be glad you did. And it’s also a great time to try SupportPay – for free! Register today and help start the year of child support right.

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