What Are Child Support Laws?

As with any legislation that governs behaviors and responsibilities, child support laws were created and designed to make sure that a parent fulfills their obligations to their biological child, and to assure that the child would not be left without adequate resources. But as we all know, societies become increasingly complicated over time – laws change, responsibilities change. And child support laws, once meant to make taking care of a child a simpler, streamlined process, has now become a complex and somewhat arcane system of tracking payments, rules stacked on top of rules, and governing bodies like child support court, departments of health and human services, legal counsels, etc. It’s no wonder that even parents who wish to follow all the rules, pay on time, and do the right thing, and end up getting in trouble with the law.

So, are all these child support laws necessary? We’d like to think they aren’t. At the end of the day, laws are meant to protect you, not punish you – but they might not feel that way. And sometimes, they may have the opposite effect. This is why in large part we created SupportPay – to make sure that you don’t have to keep up with all these crazy laws, and instead focus on what matters most: being a parent and paying child support on time, without the hassle. In our system, you can easily automate and track your child support payments, and they can then be reported on time as well. With our system, you are going to cut out much of the worries about missing payments or violating some law you didn’t even know existed.

The best way to also combat these laws is to make sure that they are followed. Following the laws means there will be less need for onerous child support laws, and that would be better for everyone. So try SupportPay today for free.

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