Why Tracking Child Support Is So Important?

If you follow the latest on child support news like we do, you may have come upon a recent story about Mississippi child support. Calvin McDonald Jr and Dionne McDonald, who live in New Mexico received a letter from Mississippi’s Department of Human Services telling him Calvin that he owed back child support. Now, Calvin has never fathered a child with any woman in Mississippi, nor does he live in Mississippi, is now being denied his tax return and having his wages garnished to pay support that he doesn’t owe. The couple is working with the DHS – but this hasn’t stopped the nightmare, or kept them from getting the money they are owed back from the government. It seems that when it comes to tracking child support, the state is failing to do so accurately.

Unfortunately, this type of state level mix up on child support is more common than you want to believe. In fact, when it comes to child support payments and tracking them, states and counties can make mistakes so glaring that they cost families time, money, and their health. While the case outlined here may seem extreme, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t you shouldn’t be cautious. When it comes to tracking child support payments, it’s crucial and imperative that you do so on your own. There are many ways you can do this – excel, accounting software, etc. But we found that none of these methods were reliable or really got to the heart of the matter – which is reliability and predictability. That is why we created SupportPay – an automated child support tracking and management software that allows you to track, monitor, and pay child support. Our software is a surefire way to make sure that you won’t run into any accounting problems with the state – because you will have one easy place to reference all of your payments. And our software also comes in handy especially during court cases or any time you need to reference your payments for legal reasons.

We’re here to help make sure that your parenting is about taking care of your child, and not worrying about the nightmares of tracking child support or having the state lose your papers. Whether you’re paying child support in Mississippi or California, SupportPay can help. So try SupportPay today for free.

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