Parenting and Children


Top 10 Summer Ideas for Co-parents

Do you ever get to the end of the school year and think, “Oh no…what the heck am I going to do with my kid all summer?!” I think the majority of co-parents ask that question. Especially when both parents work, summer … Read More

Best Graduation Party Ideas

Do you have a graduate this year? Do you go hopping from one graduation party to the next? Maybe you are looking for some party ideas to knock your kids’ socks off. It’s time for something fun and different to … Read More

13 Ways to Celebrate Your Mother

It is that time of year again. Spring. Easter has passed, and now on to Mother’s Day. Time to start thinking about how to honor the mom or moms or grandmas in your life. Moms need to feel loved and … Read More

Best Ways to Communicate in a Co-parent Environment

When living in a co-parenting situation, it is often difficult when one parent does something and forgets to tell the other. You end up with possible hurt feelings, tasks left incomplete, or even children forgotten. It is so important to … Read More

The Bright Side of Divorce

 It isn’t easy being from a divorced home. Parents split. Lives are changed. Kids are shuffled around. Things are never the same. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. I wrote this post a while back about the before part of … Read More

Don’t miss out, SupportPay

As a parent I am always bragging about my kid. I love to tell others of her accomplishments. I get so excited when she gets an award, make the honor roll, or score the winning point in a game! When … Read More

New day, fresh start

Making new years resolutions or goals can be a fun family activity that can be done anytime. After finishing up the new version of SupportPay I felt like I needed a reboot so here are my thoughts on goals.  It can be … Read More

What will happen after divorce

If you think after the divorce is final its all going to be easier, here’s a reality check.. it won’t! Now I am not saying that is true for everyone I just wish someone would have told me how hard it … Read More

Life and balance as a single parent

One of the hardest things about sharing time with your kids with your ex is the simple fact that it means you get less time with your kids. There are so many demands on your kids’ time… school, sports, activities, … Read More

Holidays made happy

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and it signals the beginning of the whole holiday season. The holidays can be a rough time for divorced parents and their kids. This time of year comes with lots of traditions and expectations. And when you’re … Read More

Tips on making holiday transitions easier

As adults, we deal with transitions all day long even on holiday season. We wake up with little kids climbing on us, demanding breakfast and we quickly transition from dead asleep to happily making breakfast and packing backpacks. We drop … Read More

Our customers are our kids

When I first created SupportPay, I wanted to create an easy-to-use online system that would help parents communicate and coordinate child support payments and other info as it relates to co-parenting. When I started building a company, SupportPay, to support … Read More

How to get back 80 days of your life

When you get divorced, you often wish you could cut ties with your ex completely. But if you have kids, that’s not usually in anyone’s best interest. Ironically, most couples who get divorced struggle with communication… and communication becomes even … Read More

Four ideas for creating a special bond as a single parent

The bond between parent and child is a strong one… if you nurture it. When you don’t have your kids all the time because you’re sharing custody, it can feel harder to nurture that bond. The good news is that … Read More

Facts about joint custody that you didn’t know

When you have kids and you get divorced, part of the divorce settlement will include custody of the kids. It may seem straightforward in terms of custody, full custody means one parent has the children all the time and joint … Read More