What To Do When You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence

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What To Do When You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence

Divorce is a tricky legal situation, no matter what the caused of the dissolve of a marriage. However, in cases that involve children as well as spousal abuse and domestic violence, dealing with a long and drawn out legal situation after years of abuse can take its toll on your psyche as well as that of your children.

There are also many heartbreaking cases where someone may be falsely accused of domestic violence and spousal abuse in a bid for your ex-partner to get custody of the children. These accusations may not be true, but they can tarnish your reputation and also impact your relationship with your children.

In that case, your best option is to hire a domestic violence attorney who will help to ensure that your rights are protected and your children will not be isolated from their rightful guardians.

When to Seek Help

If your ex-spouse has accused you of domestic violence or spousal abuse, it’s important to know how to protect yourself against criminal charges and also to understand how that impacts retaining custody of your children. The first step in any case is hire a criminal defense attorney. In Las Vegas, for instance, these types of charges are taken very seriously and can impact your ability to interact with your children in the future.

If no formal charges have been filed but your ex-spouse is accusing you of untrue things in a bid to get full custody, a criminal defense attorney may not be the best option. In that case, an experienced divorce lawyer may be all that you need. It’s also wise to compile evidence in your favor if this is the case, as you can show your ex-spouse’s claims to be false in court with evidence of your own.

Another way you may need to seek help after this trying time is to attend therapy to rebuild your mental state. It’s not uncommon for an accusation like this to not only hurt your reputation, but your mental health as well. If you’re not feeling like yourself, make an appointment with an experienced therapist for the steps forward in healing.

How To Rebuild Again

After a difficult divorce, it can almost seem impossible to rebuild your life again, especially if your reputation and self-esteem have been impacted by false accusations of spousal abuse or domestic violence. Of course, it’s important in the initial stages of your trial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, but after the smoke has cleared, it’s also essential to start the work of rebuilding your life.

One important way to do so is to get back out there. This doesn’t necessarily mean dating or meeting anyone special–just going out by yourself for a meal can be a relaxing way to enjoy your own company and reflect on your life. If you can bring your children, even better. It’s important for them to begin the process of healing from this difficult process as well.

What To Do For Your Children

Rebuilding your relationship with your children can also be an integral part of regaining normalcy after a false accusation of spousal abuse. Spending time with your children and gaining at least partial custody of them is vital to repairing your relationships and moving forward in a healthy way for your family.

Divorce and false accusations that come with it don’t have to mean an end to your life as a parent–make sure you are protecting yourself and your rights in the event that your divorce turns ugly.

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    Conflict between spouses is really heartbreaking and to be accused of something untrue like domestic violence is the worst. In those moments, it is truly best to settle things legally and ask for help from an expert.

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