Fourth of July 2020 Plans for the Single Parent Family

Fourth of July boy

The Fourth of July is a summer holiday staple, although this year might be a little different, given that the Corona Virus pandemic is an on-going situation. The kids are on summer vacation, and the first day of a new (virtual) school year is still too far away to worry about. Most parents want to enjoy their weekend and spend time with their children. For the single parent, this means there may actually be a little time to relax. And if you’re looking to relax and have fun this Fourth of July weekend, we have some great ideas, even if you want to avoid crowds:

  1. Barbecue – OK, OK, so this is an obvious one. But it’s a good one none-the-less. Summer barbecues are simple but still fun. If your kids are old enough, this is a good time to teach them the basics of barbecuing. The good news is, if you have a backyard, you don’t even have to leave your house! Our opinion is: you can’t go wrong with a Fourth of July bbq.
  2. Games – Why not enjoy quality time with your little ones by playing the board games that they always want to play, but that you never have time for? Maybe you can even plan ahead and buy a few new games to bring something new to game time. Now here is a tip for you: If you are going to play Monopoly, beware that there is a high likelihood the younger one will cry and flip the board!
  3. Movies – Some cities now have drive-in theaters set up where you can either watch a movie from your car, or even an outdoor watching area, respecting social-distancing rules. Do some research, and find out if you can go and watch a movie from your car, or outdoor. Fun, and different experience!
  4. Fireworks – Yes, yes, another no brainer. But when we recommend fireworks, we also recommend planning accordingly, especially because they generally attract crowds. If you are lucky to have a good view from where you live, stay home. If you want to go watch it somewhere, do some research in your area for where the best fireworks shows are, and when. Because you don’t want to be late! The worst is being late or not planning where to be, and then having to drive in insane traffic to get there. So do yourself a favor and pre-plan this year, the good thing about fireworks, is that you can watch them from your car.

These are just some ideas for you and your children this weekend. Above all, please be safe and plan ahead, especially if you are going to be exposed to big crowds. Good child support always keeps those in mind. Oh, and have fun!

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