Fun Party Theme Ideas for your Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Fun Party Theme Ideas for your Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Gone were the days when children birthday parties were simple affairs with cake, candies, ice cream, and traditional games. Kids today have more expectations of birthday parties and some parents would make their kids’ birthday parties as extravagant as possible. However, you don’t really need to spend too much to make your kids and guests happy. If you’re on a budget or just don’t want to break your bank account, here are some fun and inexpensive party theme ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

Camping-Themed Party

A camping-themed party will surely be exciting and fun for kids. Simply set up tents in your backyard and let them be amazed by nature’s beauty. To keep them warm, prepare camping essentials such as tarps, sleeping bags, and blankets. Kids will love this chance to experience the beauty of nature while they talk to each other and get to know the other guests. Don’t forget to shower your guests with delectable foods and drinks.  Kids easily get hungry, especially if they are active so make sure to offer refreshments every now and then. For this party, you don’t really need to cook expensive meals. You can grill some barbecue and offer them pastries and sweets. Make the party more fun and rewarding with various camping-related games such as charades, scavenger hunt and making mud dough.

Balloon Party

Hosting a balloon party is a very cheap way to celebrate your kid’s birthday and make your guests happy. Kids love balloons so this party will surely be a hit. All you have to do is to decorate your house or party venue with balloons in different colors. What’s great about this party is you don’t need to hire an organizer or a catering service provider. You can do the decorations and cook the meals yourself with some help from your friends and family. To up your decorations, use an inflatable tube man or draw on the balloons. For the foods, you can prepare macarons, pastel-colored pops, cupcakes, meringues and drinks in mini milk bottles.

Treasure Island Party

If your child loves treasure hunting, this is your chance to make him or happy while also saving some bucks. You don’t really need expensive stuff for this party as you can use old items in your house. For one, you can make a Jolly Roger flag using an old pillowcase. For other items such as pirate hats and costume eye patches, you can get them from a party supply store. Of course, your Treasure Island part won’t be complete without a treasure hunt. Make sure you have enough gold candies and other prizes like plastic costume jewelry. You can prepare any kind of food you want as long as they are on a budget. Also, think about adding some decorative cushions in order to complete the decoration.

Safari-Themed Party

Turn your kid’s birthday party into a jungle adventure with a Safari-themed party. Yellows, greens, and browns are the perfect colors for the party since they are the colors of nature. You don’t need to buy a lot of things for your decoration since you can use different items in your home such as stuffed animals. Other items you’ll need include magnifying glasses, binoculars, plastic safari hats, and butterfly nets.  Gummy worms and bug juice are perfect snack options but you can also prepare other snacks or meals of your choice. Don’t forget to prepare something filling and refreshing for the adults.

Country Hoedown Party

A Country Hoedown party with a cowboy twist doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find inexpensive cowboy boots and hats in various discount stores. If your guests don’t have the proper attire for this party, you can provide for them but look for the cheapest ones. Hotdogs are great for this party and for some sweet treats; you can bake some cupcakes or muffins. Also, you can prepare some comfort food such as chicken, potato salad, corn and beans, and biscuits. Buffet-style serving is perfect for this party because of the casual environment. To entertain your guests, you can play some music for square dancing and set up a bonfire area where people can roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

Storybook Character Party

Storybook character party is popular nowadays. To host this party, ask your guests to dress as their favorite storybook character. For girls, Disney Princess characters are a hit while boys usually dress as superheroes such as Batman and Spiderman. To make things more exciting, you can invite a few guests to dress and act as storybook characters. The kids will welcome them and each of them will read a storybook in which they are the main lead. This is a great way to entertain kids while also educating them. The kids can later have snacks and refreshments and play some games such as matching games.

Circle Party

If you have a toddler, this is a great theme for your kid’s birthday party. Toddlers are interested in simple shapes and circle party is a good way to engage them. Apparently, this circle party should be a no-brainer for you. Think about anything circle from decorations to foods to giveaways. Decorate your home with polka dots and balloons and make some bubbles for added fun. For snacks, you can prepare anything round, from Cheerios to donuts to cherry tomatoes. Since most of your guests are still very young, make your activities short and sweet. For your child’s birthday cake, you can bake a doughnut cake and fill each doughnut hole with a scoop of ice cream.

Chocolate-Making Party

Kids love making treats and what’s a better treat to make than chocolates? This party will be messy but very fun and exciting for kids. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot; no costumes to buy or extravagant decorations to make. To start preparing for your kid’s chocolate-making party, get a variety of chocolate molds and chocolate melt flavors. You can melt the chocolate beforehand and let the kids pour it into the mold. Allow them to get creative with decorations and lollipop sticks. Of course, your guests won’t be full with just chocolate so you’ll need to prepare some delicious but inexpensive meals for them.

Craft Party

Kids also love making crafts and if your child loves arts, this is the perfect time to showcase his or her creativity. To start with, buy unfinished items such as T-shirts, unpainted pottery, picture frames, trinket boxes, and bags. Next, get some paints, sparkles, fabrics, glue, markers and other decorative items. With these items, the kids can be creative and make their own crafts which they can take home. Make sure you give your adult guests enough food and entertainment while the kids are busy with their activity.

Rainbow Party

Most kids easily change their favorite color. If your kid is one of them, why not opt for a rainbow party? Fill your party venue with colourful decorations such as streamers and balloons. For snacks, prepare some rainbow chocolate chip cookies, fruits and veggies, skewer kebabs, and rainbow cupcakes. Of course, your kid’s birthday cake should also be a rainbow cake. If you know how to bake and want to save some money, you can make the rainbow birthday cake yourself. You may also use rainbow-stripe cups and straws and even rainbow napkins. This rainbow party will not only help you save money but it will also make your creative juices flow.

In a nutshell, a kid’s birthday party shouldn’t be expensive. If you are creative and resourceful, you will save a lot of bucks while keeping your child and guests satisfied. Next time you’re worried about your kid’s birthday party, consider these fun and inexpensive birthday party themes.

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