Collecting Child Support

How Child Support Goes Beyond Just Direct Expenses

Child support is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being and financial stability of children in divorced or separated families. It’s a legal obligation that one parent provides financial assistance to the custodial parent for the upbringing and care of … Read More

Preventing Wage Garnishment and Protecting Your Income

Wage garnishment can be a daunting experience, as it involves a portion of your hard-earned income being deducted to repay debts or obligations. However, with the proper knowledge and proactive measures, you can prevent wage garnishment and safeguard your income. … Read More

The True Value of Child Support: Beyond the Monthly Payment

As a parent, the well-being and happiness of our children are always at the forefront of our minds. When co-parenting, it’s essential to establish a support system that ensures our children’s needs are met. This is where child support comes … Read More

Child support payment during COVID-19

Child Support Payments Modification During The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus continues to impact every aspect of society, including health systems, businesses, the legal system, the economy, and ultimately everyone’s personal life. Substantial cultural and financial changes have changed the way millions of Americans function in the matter of a … Read More


How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today

How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today Parents have an idea about how you want your child’s life to play out. First, they will have all of the most adorable baby items. As they grow, they’ll … Read More

child support laws

Florida Child Support FAQs – What You Didn’t Know and What You Should

Child support laws are not like federal laws – they are different in each state. And to make everything more complicated, sometimes it differs by county. Florida child support laws are no different. Here are some points you didn’t know … Read More

Child Support & the Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown now being the longest in history we are getting a lot of questions regarding the government shutdown and child support. There is a lot of talk about federal employees not being paid but very little mention … Read More


How to Get Child Support

It’s a simple question – but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a simple answer: “how can I collect child support?” As many of you probably already know, the family court system is complex and daunting. Even lawyers with degrees from top … Read More

A Simple Way to Make Collecting Child Support Easier

Raising children – separate or via co-parenting – has its challenges. Understanding these challenges is key to making sure that your child grows up happy and healthy with all the resources they need. But when you are separated, even if … Read More

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South Carolina Child Support System

In 1988, Congress passed the Family Support Act (FSA), which gave the states ten years to build a statewide Child Support Enforcement System (CSES). The state of South Carolina took a full six years after FSA was passed to hire … Read More