Florida Child Support FAQs – What You Didn’t Know and What You Should

child support laws

Child support laws are not like federal laws – they are different in each state. And to make everything more complicated, sometimes it differs by county. Florida child support laws are no different. Here are some points you didn’t know – and ones you should –

  1. Visitation rights are not the same as child support – This one doesn’t vary too much from state to state. But what many parents may not know is that just because a parent doesn’t pay child support, that doesn’t mean that they don’t still have visitation rights. In Florida, a parent is legally allowed to see their child, even if they are behind on child support.
  2. You have to submit your payments to the right office – Let’s take an example – if you’re paying child support in Brevard County, Florida, you will have to submit your child support payments to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit (SDU). This goes for any other country in Florida as well (such as Hardee Country Florida, or Pinellas County Florida, etc). Make sure that you understand where and how to submit payments – too many parents who are on time may be dinged because they sent their payments to the wrong location.
  3. There are legal resources online for you in Florida – In this day and age of the digital world, there are many resources available for you to learn more about what you will and won’t need for paying, tracking, and managing child support in Florida. One such resource is the Florida state website. SupportPay also has state resources that are specific to Florida Child support, and we have everything from a child support calculator┬áto faqs and more.
  4. Looking for a clerk in Florida? – If you’re looking for more information on county clerks, and legal resources, you can check out The Florida Court Clerk & Comptrollers Site, which will allow you to find a clerk easily.

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