A Simple Way to Make Collecting Child Support Easier

Raising children – separate or via co-parenting – has its challenges. Understanding these challenges is key to making sure that your child grows up happy and healthy with all the resources they need. But when you are separated, even if you don’t have a good relationship with your ex, you need to find a way to share parenting expenses. In many cases, this involves collecting child support. But studies and record show that billions of dollars of child support are not collected each year.

We want to help make collecting child support easy. And there’s a simple way to do it.

Many times, states and local governments have a somewhat arcane process of collecting and tracking child support payments. Some states, like California, make collecting child support simpler, especially in certain cities like Los Angeles. Other states, like New York, make collecting more difficult – and have harsh penalties.

We have a simple solution – SupportPay 4.0. If you’re having trouble collecting child support payments, you can use our tool to help sign up the other parent. And there are benefits for the other parent as well, such as:

  • Tracking payments
  • Centralized payments system
  • Easy tax reports
  • Merchant payment organization
  • A history of when and where child support is paid

Having both parents use SupportPay allows you and your family a peace of mind when it comes to child support and related expenses. And if you’re a family looking for easy, streamlined ways to share parent expenses, our tool is the perfect addition. You can then begin to still have a family that works in unison, even while separated.

Try SupportPay today for free and begin to make collecting child support easier.

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