Resources for divorced parents and kids

resources for divorced

Getting divorced is hard on everyone involved, especially your kids. The actual process can be long and drawn out, but there’s hope that once the divorce is finalized, everything will be okay right away. The truth is that getting a divorce and dividing a household is tricky and it’s painful. And it takes awhile before everything feels okay again. There’s a lot of work that has to be done after the divorce to help you cope and move on, as well as help your kids.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources out there to help families with divorced parents:

UpToParents is a website full of articles and videos designed to help families prepare for divorce and to communicate better after divorce. This planning sheet to help parents prepare to co-parent is a good place to start.

Kids’ Turn is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that’s main goal is to help parents support their kids during a divorce. They offer workshops for parents and kids to learn how to cope with divorce, teach kids how to handle their feelings, and teach parents how to co-parent. The curriculum is available for purchase to families who cannot attend in person.

DivorceCare is a company that offers support for divorced adults. Getting emotional support during and after a divorce is important for the people getting divorced too, not just the kids involved. DivorceCare offers daily email messages of encouragementseminars, and you can even join a support group for divorced adults.

Child Centered Divorce is a website created by Rosalind Sedacca, a parenting coach and founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. She wrote a book specifically about how to tell your kids you are getting divorced. Beyond that, the website is full of resources to help families keep their focus on the kids during and after the divorce, most notably, a 10-hour audio coaching program.

Lastly SupportPay (my company) its our mission to take away the money fight so that you can focus on your kids and raising them free from the emotional pain of fighting after divorce about money.

Focusing on what matters, the kids, and finding resources that work for you and your family are key. Divorce and separation are hard, ask for help!

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