Our customers are our kids

When I first created SupportPay, I wanted to create an easy-to-use online system that would help parents communicate and coordinate child support payments and other info as it relates to co-parenting. When I started building a company, SupportPay, to support the product, I knew I wanted to build a company that was in line with my values.

I wanted to build a company with a sincere and had deep passion for serving our customers and serving them well. I also knew that as my company grew and as our product was adapted and updated over time, that I wanted to stay involved in all aspects, especially as they relate to our customers. Because in the end the customers are our kids. They are the ones I set out to ultimately help and serve. Divorce is hard and we strive to make it a little more manageable.

We’ve been making a lot of updates and changes to SupportPay over the past several months and we’ve got more changes coming. I’m no longer handling all the coding myself, so it’s very important for me to personally test out the software after each iteration.

I recently discovered a bug in the software. I was logged into the backend in a test account, trying out the new functionality from the customer viewpoint and found it to be very confusing. After a few emails to support, we were able to fix the bug and get the software set up in a way that makes sense. We are constantly working to improve and bring parents real tangible solutions that help them make decisions based on their children, no exceptions.

Our goal as a company is to make our customers lives easier… so you can focus on your kids. We stand behind that commitment. We’re excited about the updates we have coming down the line… and you can rest assured knowing that I will personally be checking functionality to make sure that we are delivering the best possible product!

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