20 Simple Ways to Show Our Kids Love

This weekend got me thinking about love and more specifically how to show my daughter I love her. Of course we love our children. We take care of them. We cook their meals, clean up after them, do their laundry, take them places, make their lunch, make sure they don’t forget things, remember where forgotten things went, kiss their booboos, tuck them in, and kiss them goodnight….every day. But sometimes in the monotony of the every day, we forget to do things, maybe simple extra things, that really show our kids that we love, appreciate and see them for who they are. Here is a list to keep handy to remind you to do a little something extra to help them feel loved!

Write them a note

Decorate their room for no reason

Cook together

Talk about their day at dinnertime

Turn on their favorite music and have a dance party

Write down something you love about them and place it on their pillow at night

Make a sign for them at their sporting event

Ask for hugs and kisses

Make them laugh, and laugh with them

Give them your full attention and really listen – no phone!

Play a game with them

Tuck Hersheys hugs and kisses in their pocket

Frame a photo of the two of you and hang it in their room

Make a do a treasure hunt

Start a tradition

Get excited about their dreams and encourage them

Have cookies for breakfast

Read together

Act like a kid again with them

Do something special for someone else together

No matter what you choose to do, be vocal about how much you love and cherish your children. Don’t be afraid to use words that make you vulnerable. Say sorry when you need to. Be real with them. Discipline them when needed, but let them know you love them through the process. The way we show our children love can be simple, but it takes some selfless thought. Let them know you are thinking about them and they will feel loved.

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