Tracking your Child Support

You know when you are looking for that special place that you put those papers and receipts? You put them in such a special place that you would not forget where it was. Well…you forgot…and now you are frantically looking to see if you shared that receipt with your ex, if you got your half of the payment for that expense or not. There has got to be a better way!

Luckily, there is a much better way. SupportPay makes it so easy to keep track of all expenses, receipts and payments, and never lose anything again! When you have an expense, pay a bill, or get a receipt, you can immediately enter it into your SupportPay account to record it. It can be done right from your smartphone in the store by snapping a photo, and you can throw the receipt away or stuff it to the bottom of your purse where they all accumulate. The good news is that you never have to handle that receipt again.

Once it is in your SupportPay account, you can label clearly what the expense was for, and which child it relates to, if applicable. Then you can request a payment from the other parent, and once you do that, your work is done. Later you can log in and see if those payments were submitted and paid by the other parent. Each time you get a new expense, add it in and take action. You can even keep a section of private expenses if there are things you just want to keep track of, but don’t necessarily need to be shared with the other parent.
When the payments are taken care of, they can go into the History for you to access at any later time. Search the history by the date, the type of expense, the merchant, or the amount. See clearly what the patterns are for expenses and payments, and be able to share that information clearly and consistently with your lawyer, a judge, or any other necessary party. This system is not only very useful and simplifying for your life, but a vital tool in making sure the needs of your child are being met without you having to stress about the details. Start using SupportPay today!

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  1. My child support has been taking out of my pay check every week but no one knows or is telling me where, it goes I have asked certain people but know one has the answer, can you help me please

    1. If your child support is coming out of your paycheck then it has been garnished by the state. You can find your state child support services information on our State Resources page. There you can get the contact information. In addition, if you prefer to talk to someone in person you would want to go to your county child support agency.

    2. Your child support payments go to the custodial parent . If your child is in foster care part of your payment goes to the state or program and the other part goes to the person fostering your child. Support is your child’s right of care. Every situation is different and child support has many different ramifications. So all depends on your situation. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice but my suggestion. If anyone is truly concerned about child support my professional advice is to seek counsel with the family law facilitator at your local family law court offices.

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