Want paying child support to be easy?

Want paying child support to be easy? Well, it can be…if you don’t let the process scare you. There is a step by step process that everyone has to follow when it comes to child support in San Bernardino County. Every county in the state of California has to follow similar procedures.

Once you have an open case and have established child support orders, then it is time to collect or pay that support. What are your options? Child support payments are typically all collected and processed by a single entity, the California State Distribution Unit (SDU). Whether you are a custodial parent, a non-custodial parent, or an employer you are able to have an online account to make necessary payments. Login and track payment history, set up recurring payments, and use Electronic Funds Transfer if required.

When signing up with the SDU for San Bernardino County, you can choose how you would like to pay if you are the non custodial parent, or how you would like to receive the money if you are the custodial parent. Non custodial parents can pay with their credit card or checking account info. Custodial parents can then have that paid to them via a direct deposit, a standard check sent through the mail, or an Electronic Payment Card (EPC). The EPC is set up as a Mastercard and is loaded with the payment as cash to be used. All the forms and anything you would need to enroll is on the county’s child support services website here.

Payments received by the SDU are first applied to the current month support, next to any interest owed on arrears, and then to past-due support. The current rate of interest on past-due support is 10% per year. Be aware however, that the SDU will charge for all parts of this process. Whether you are making a payment or trying to receive the payments on an EPC, they will charge a fee on their end, and you don’t see 100% of the money.

If you would like a FREE of charge option when it comes to child support in San Bernardino County, check out SupportPay. This system will manage, track, and record all child support payments and transactions like no other. Similar to the state system, it will store everything for future reference. Beyond what the state does though, it will also store documents related to your case, or anything related to your children that you want to scan in there. It will send email reminders for payments. It will break down expenses into categories so that you can see what the money if going toward. Even take a photo of receipts while you are on the go using their mobile app so you don’t forget an expense. You will have everything you need if and when there is a change that sends you back to court. This system will change the way you view child support and all that it entails.

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