The Top 4 Tips for Children Flying Alone

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Best Child Support Resources

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Vacation Ideas With Kids, At Each Age

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Why Parents Don’t Pay Child Support

No matter what state you live in, there are some general guidelines when it comes to calculating child support. Always go directly to your state’s specific link and use their calculators to get started. Before you go however, be sure to gather … Read More

Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

How To Calculate Child Support

Every state is different. Depending on where you live there are different regulations for child support. How do you know where to start when trying to calculate child support?  Regardless of which state you live in, there are some general … Read More


Top 10 Summer Ideas for Co-parents

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10 Best Spring Projects with Kids

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The real cost of divorce is time

We talk about this a lot around here. how much time and energy people spend getting a divorce! Did you know that over the course of disputing with your spouse regarding finances and child support you lose, on average, 80 days … Read More


It just got easier with SupportPay!

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How to organize child support

One thing I’ve learned from running a business is that using spreadsheets to track money is a bad idea. That holds true for tracking child support payments too. Excel spreadsheets are great for many things, but keeping tabs on all … Read More

5 Ways to save for college as a single parent

I was reading this article on and it seams we have a real problem. On one had you want to save for your kids, on the other is the thought of retiring with less and having to mooch off your kids … Read More

Are You Paying For That?

Navigating the waters of who pays for what when co-parenting is hard. There are two sides to every coin, and the co-parenting coin is a tough one to flip. Constantly asking the question ” Are you paying for that? ” … Read More

Five things SupportPay does better than you

We all have our talents and things we’re amazing at doing. For some people, that can even include being organized. But even if you’re great at being organized and even better at reminding people when they owe you money, I … Read More

Don’t ever talk to your ex about money again

A lack of good communication is one of the biggest causes of divorce. It can be really hard to get on the same page, especially when it comes to money. Unfortunately, when you get divorced, money and communication problems don’t … Read More

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South Carolina Child Support System

In 1988, Congress passed the Family Support Act (FSA), which gave the states ten years to build a statewide Child Support Enforcement System (CSES). The state of South Carolina took a full six years after FSA was passed to hire … Read More