What to Do If My Kid Gets Hurt In A Public Playground

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“What to Do If My Kid Gets Hurt In A Public Playground”

In the US alone, over 200,000 children 14 years old and below are brought to the emergency room each year due to playground injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Out of this figure, 45 percent are severe cases, including concussions, limb amputations, broken bones and internal injuries.

These accidents often arise from negligence or human error, including negligent supervision and defective playground equipment. To find out what to do if your kid gets hurt in a public playground, keep reading.

Common Injuries on Playgrounds

Certain research had it that many injuries are from a climber in the case of public playgrounds. And according to a study in New York City, those playgrounds located in lower income areas pose more maintenance related risks and hazards than those in higher income areas do.

Now, what are the types of playground injuries? Some injuries involve bruises, cuts and bumps, but others can be more severe. These cases can involve concussions, dislocations, strains, sprains, broken bones and internal organ injuries. Any of these needs a doctor’s attention and care.

What are the other causes of playground injuries? One of the most common is falls that is also a reason children are rushed to emergency rooms each year. They suffer fall as they lose grip or balance on swings, monkey bars, seesaws and merry-go-rounds or slip while playing.

Injuries among children also occur on slides when a child’s leg could become twisted during his ride down it. On the other hand, some injuries are due to seesaws and teeter-totters or due to impact with playground equipment or contact with its edge.

Some kids also obtain injuries due to striking with playground equipment even while not playing. For example, you child might have bumped into a swing in action. Nevertheless, low maintenance equipment poses more hazards for child injuries.

Who Is Liable For Playground Injuries?

Everyone could be legally liable depending on your location and jurisdiction. It can be the person who laid mulch or your kid’s teacher who wasn’t supervising her playing students.
But in general, the three most common parties liable for a kid’s accident in the playground include the local government and the school district (playground owner), the person who’s supposed to watch over your kid and the contractor/manufacturer of the playground equipment.

However, you should take note that many states give immunity to the local government and public schools except if you’d be able to show a clear evidence of negligence. It is why you might want to get help from an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney who can guide you in navigating this complicated process.

Who Can Help In This Situation?

Consult an experienced lawyer who can help in proving that the accident was because of negligence. In this case, you must also collect evidence from the start.

One of those is seeking medical attention and getting an immediate evaluation, ideally in the same day. Tell the physician or pediatrician the exact details of the accident including the how, when and where it happened. Not getting immediate medical help, you might undermine your kid’s personal injury claim.

You can also get help from witnesses and request to have their recorded or written statements as soon as possible. In addition, you can obtain a copy of emergency responder report especially for serious cases that need paramedics.

If a police responded, you should clearly state the cause of your child’s injury and describe any conditions that have led to it. You can also direct the police to a witness.

Final Thoughts

If you need to file a claim against government entities due to a playground personal injury, you might want to get help from a seasoned attorney with experience in handling such a case. Remember, there are so many complicated rules and short deadlines involved in filing for a personal injury claim versus the public entities.

And if you made a mistake, you might not be able to make a claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you win a government injury claim along with other claims like permanent disability, wrongful death claims or product liability claims. A skilled attorney has the legal tools and knowledge in order to claim the total compensation amount that your kid deserves.

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