Custody and Visitation

The real cost of divorce is time

We talk about this a lot around here. how much time and energy people spend getting a divorce! Did you know that over the course of disputing with your spouse regarding finances and child support you lose, on average, 80 days … Read More

Tips on making holiday transitions easier

As adults, we deal with transitions all day long even on holiday season. We wake up with little kids climbing on us, demanding breakfast and we quickly transition from dead asleep to happily making breakfast and packing backpacks. We drop … Read More

Summer vacation and how to work with scheduling conflicts

Summer vacation is a hard time to be a single parent. Even though my daughter is out of school all summer, I still have to work. And since I’m running a startup, finding time to take a vacation can be … Read More

We Need More Single Father Role Models

Where are the positive father stories? Why aren’t there more positive stories about divorced or single fathers who are involved in their child(ren)’s lives? We constantly hear stories of fathers who abandon their children and walk away from their responsibilities. … Read More