Holiday Co-Parenting: How to Make it A Happy Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us – and that means it will bring interesting dilemmas for holiday co-parenting.  Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas seems to start sooner with every given year.  It is time to put differences aside and come up with a plan that works for both parents.  We highly suggest that the turkey being over-cooked be the worst of your worries this holiday season.  Here are a couple of ways to help your holidays go off without a hitch.

Question #1 – Who gets the children? 

This is what some in the industry refer to as holiday placement. It is strongly suggested that you get this matter clarified for major holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Take into consideration past habits.  Did the child stay with one parent one year, and then one the next? Has the child always been with one parent for one holiday?

It is best to have open dialogue to agree on a schedule that works for both parties.  In the event you can’t seem to agree on anything together, it would be best to get a detailed schedule in place.  After all, the children don’t want to have their memories of past holidays riddled with mom and dad fighting over them.

Question #2 – What are you buying for Christmas?

It’s a known fact in modern society – we always want to outdo one another. And presents for children are no exception.  This is not the opportunity to buy your kids love and allegiance.  This is a time when the two adults in the relationship need to come together for what is best for the child.  This is why we at SupportPay provide a tool to pool together and split the cost for that MacBook Air, or iPhone 6s or even Xbox1.  No matter what the gift is this is just another time for parents to realize what’s important – the happiness of the child.  The last thing either parent needs are feelings of competition and resentment around who could buy the better gift.  The best thing you can do is to demonstrate that mommy and daddy love them more then anything else.

Communication, communication, communication.  We at SupportPay know that communication can be a daunting task for you both.  That’s why our solution makes it simple and easy.  We are in the business of making family’s lives easier, and  it is our business that your children grow up happy, healthy, and loved.  This holiday season, make the financial calculations easy. Sign up today for SupportPay and make Holiday co-parenting a breeze.

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