What is the average child support payment?

Are you asking what is the average child support payment? Well, maybe you’ve just been through a divorce and you’re curious. You have children, and you’re working out with a child support calculator how much you might have to pay out of your paycheck. After crunching the numbers, you may still have some questions. Why is the amount what it is? How did the state come up with the calculations? We have those answers here.

But there’s another question we hear often – what is the average child support payment? Like any average, there is going to be a lot of variability. There are those who simply don’t have enough income to pay much in child support. There are others who are more well off, with a lot of income. Typically, however, there is a way to calculate child support. Using the Child Support Guidelines, a court will look at your “adjusted” gross income (your gross income minus any deductions for, e.g., taxes). By taking your “adjusted” gross income, the court then multiplies it by the guideline percentage for the number of children for which you must support.  So if your annual income is $15,000, and you have one child to support, you will be paying 17% of your income. Per month this nets out to $212.50 a year, or $2,550 a year.

But on average, the latest statistic we have available comes from the 2010 Census. According to the Census Bureau Reports, the average monthly child support payment is $430. But again, this is just an average, and shouldn’t be used as a guideline to understand how much you will be paying, or should pay, in child support.

If you’re interested in finding out what your support payments should be, please use our child support calculator. And for more information on how you can better understand the child support laws and regulations in your state, visit our state resources section.

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  1. I am active in my child’s life
    His mother decided to throw me out after she had began dating someone
    I moved down the street
    I have my child I would say 35-45 percent of the time
    I support my child I am not absent
    We were never married yet had been together for 9yrs
    I am willing to assist her in any way I can
    But am I responsible for her day to day life
    Or just my child’s monthly needs

    1. You were never married, i don’t see why you would have to be responsible…No alimony payments….Should just be child support, man

      1. If u live in the state of pa being together for 9yrs and acting in a marriage way u may have to support her because pa is a common wealth marriage 7yrs or more I believe

        1. That’s insane…I’m in Boston, Ma….I don’t believe there’s any laws like that here…..I was with my son’s mother for 7 years and we were never even asked how long we were together

          1. The time you were married does not have any bearing on the amount of child support being paid. Please refer to our Child Support Calculator for your state to get an estimate. In general, child support base payments are based on the income of both parents and the amount of time with the children.

      2. I was with my husband for 6years and married for 2years he did not want to pay child support but now he field out child support papers with his lawyer and he`s trying to give me 600….. monthly I have to kids with him is that fair ? //// I am so broke right now that I can`t afford a lawyer for a divorce or to help me with this case.

      3. I have been married for 8 and a half years now been separated for 3years now but he before would make his pops ups and he still does but he makes his way still to see his kids, I however,.. still am struggling all bad not so bad to the point hitting the streets with my kids but bad and I’ve talked to him several times about it but sometimes he’ll say he’ll do it and sometimes he don’t show up or show out to support/provide which it irks my soul but I am saved like too too saved to the point where I am too nice to this MF that’ I haven’t hit him with the child support.. I mean common sense and also own up to your shit and grow tf up and do what u gta and need to do for these kids that’s all I’m sayn to him and in general as well. There’s no excuses to it when it comes to your kids. PERIODT.

        Btw, he was hit with supposedly cancer a sickness/disease idk of some sort about a year ago and now now now he’s saved I mean like cured I guess ok not better but ok and he drives from Nevada to Cali when he’s up too it and comes and go hard for his kid when they are in desperate need of help he does but like at the same time I don’t pressure I do my best on my end it just sometimes sucks but that’s my reality until he’s ok ok good to go back to work work so yea it’s just like as of right now if we have it we have it but if not we don’t but it just sucks sometimes like literally life sucks and bites you hella but you always gta fight it and be brave no matter what when it comes to your kids always,! Salute to all the parents and single parents out there doing it up for there kids like it’s mf suppose too! I know I ain’t Shyte but jus wanted to share it to yahs lol sorry one love erybody✊

        1. Btw I don’t know what to do or say sometimes when we already talked how many times about situations like this and I am just like to the point I want to take it to court but I jus don’t want too Nd also I am jus not that person smh but we did agree to divorce so it’s goin to happen for sure, ijs this becuz I kind of need some help/advice/suggestions anythin pls lmk ASAP! Thanks to all

          1. I have 2 kids for my husband.. he cheated on me and was courted ordered to pays 656 for the 1year old child he has…he has another child who he gives 280 to a month but it’s not court ordered.. if we separate and I happen to put him on child support will the 1 year old child support stay the same or will the amount change to be able to support the 2 kids I have for him..

      4. I was married to my kids mother of 3 kids she lied and said i owe 59,000 cause we went to a divorce court and she said i didnt pay her nothing from 2015 to 2019 which is a lie

      1. You will need to contact your local child support agency to get the amount. The issue here is once you owe back child support a large amount of your payments go to interest (which ranges between 8% – 15% depending on your state). It is best to work with your county child support agency to slow down or stop the interest accrual so you are actually able to catch up.

  2. Here’s an idea – instead of fixating on increasing the gross amount of “child support” collected, we should work to increase the number of parent’s sharing the responsibility for providing for their children’s needs. If I buy new clothes or shoes for my kids, my out of pocket payment should be considered to be a form of child support and not a “gift to the children” by the courts.

    It takes two people to create a child, therefore providing for what English judge Sir William Blackstone described as the child’s care, maintenance, and education should be a SHARED responsibility, not a requirement for the (involuntary) noncustodial parent to be an indentured servant who is expected to provide e a government mandated lifestyle for the child, and by inference, the custodial parent.

    This is also why I find the “Be a Dad” commercials insulting. The courts fixate on direct (cash) child support collections in order to increase the kickbacks that states receive for collecting child support under the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act, but won’t enforce visitation rights,. This makes it far too easy for the custodial mother to cheerfully collect a child support check while pushing the father out of their children’s lives and lying to the kids while saying that “Daddy doesn’t want to see you”.

    1. I agree that child support should be based on the true cost of raising a child and the exact reason we built SupportPay. We wanted to provide transparency and a system to make it easier for both parents to see how much a child actually costs and ensure that children get the financial support they deserve. In the same vain, it must be understood that children are not free and until parents start using systems such as SupportPay then the court has no other option but to force the amount based on a calculation that does not directly represent the true cost of raising a child. In addition, SupportPay has provided the record for the children to show what each parent is actually contributing to the financial support of the children.

      1. I’m am having a very difficult time just living, I pay $381 per week in child support plus $104 per week for health insurance. And I’ve spent my savings trying to live. My ex wife is a part time student and does not work. I work over nights, and I was only honored every other weekend to have my kids. Which is only 4 days a month. Any advice ?? I’m desperate here

        1. The best thing you can do is file for a modification of your child support. With this file we highly suggest you submit detailed documentation of your current expenses and the amount available to you at after you pay the child support. In addition, we suggest you track any and all expenses you are paying for for your children and proof that you have previously made payments on time. This is the reason we created SupportPay. Not only to help parents manage child support and share expenses but also to help parents track and document their expenses. To file a modification you can go to your state website or call your child support division in your state. To find out exactly who to contact you can visit our State Resources Page

        2. She should be considered an unfit mother if her living conditions depend on your willingness to pay child support. How dare the court demand you pay support & medical expense? I’d take her back to court immediately. Look at it this way, what would happen if YOU didn’t work? What could she provide? Answer- she would have to get a mofo job with medical coverage. Its “support” , its “help” its “in addition to” ….its NOT “dependence”..Good luck

  3. My ex is having my daughter every weekend and pays child support every week. He has now decided to see her every fortnight. Will payments change?

    1. Even if chooses to change the amount of time that he sees his child on of you would either need to go back to court to get the child support amount changed or you would need to agree to accept a different amount since he is having your daughter a different amount of time than the time that was used to calculate the base child support amount. In either case, it is best for your daughter to try to come to an amicable agreement.

    2. He shouldn’t have her EVERY weekend This already sounds weird. Females require maternal relationships. Makes we wanna ask how much time do you spend wirh her? Child support or not, unless your DEAD and he exercised his parental right for custody- you’re alive, accepting child support for a female child then the majority of time she spends with her fit Mom. Look at this way, every weekend your daughter goes to sleepovers..how does that sound

  4. My husband is already paying child support on 3 kids and child support takes half his ssi check every month. If i filed for him to pay, what would his payments be on my 2 children?

  5. He shouldn’t have her EVERY weekend This already sounds weird. Females require maternal relationships. Makes we wanna ask how much time do you spend wirh her? Child support or not, unless your DEAD and he exercised his parental right for custody- you’re alive, accepting child support for a female child then the majority of time she spends with her fit Mom. Look at this way, every weekend your daughter goes to sleepovers..how does that sound

  6. Listen too this Judgement, Order to pay child support 2 children at 1,200 a month and F.O.C increased my income to 60k per year, I receive food benefits and medicaid and have custody of my other children and i receive child support my arrears sky rocketed from 2.,400 to over 20k in least than 2years i am facing 4years in prison just finished doing 50 days in washtenaw county jail…. 734 547-9030

  7. i get pay every week $680 and i pay for my first child $94.5 every weeks and for the second child the judge making pay $190 every week so now $379 its out of my check because i find out that the mother of my second child sister and cuz work in the same court house in Somerville nj with does judges and they don’t wont take in concideration that i got to other child

  8. I live in Alabama I pay $759/mo in child support for one child my only child, never married i make gross about 3,000/mo but after taxes i bring home net around 2,000/mo is what i pay for child support a little much? i also have my child 30% out of each month.

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