Financial Struggles with Child Support

It is no secret that money issues and financial struggles are one of the leading causes of divorce. How frustrating it must be then, to have to continue to communicate about money after divorce for the sake of the children. Child support is the most important thing to take care of after a divorce. You want to make sure that your children are taken care of and their needs are met. Unfortunately for most couples, child support is a continual battle. Some parents make it about not wanting to give money to their ex. Some parents differ in how they think money should be spent on their child. Parents often differ with what they believe to be important necessities as well.

Imagine this scenario. You arrive to drop off your child to their dad’s or mom’s house for the weekend. Your ex comes outside to request money from you for the month. You hand them a check, which they look at and scoff at. They get angry and ask you for more, saying that won’t cover everything. You argue back and forth about the appropriate amount, listing all the expenses and all the ways that the child is dragging down the finances and how needs are not being met. Meanwhile, your child is standing in the middle of you two, waiting for a hello/goodbye hug and wondering why they have to be the source of such drama.
This is not an unfamiliar scene. Most divorced parents go through this, and most children of divorced parents unfortunately feel some sort of responsibility! How sad! SupportPay wants to help change the way the divorced couples are able to communicate. In the easy-to-use online platform, all the financial pieces can be easily laid out for both parties to see. As expenses and bills are being paid, the non-custodial parent is able to look at those and see what their half is. If other things arise throughout the month, such as new shoes, a summer camp, or a doctor visit, the receipts are entered into SupportPay and the system sends an email showing what part each parent needs to cover. There doesn’t need to be any bickering about how much is needed to cover certain expenses. All receipts, payments and expenses are clearly laid out on SupportPay’s website. Each parent can login and see what is being paid for the child, and what needs to be paid. Each parent can track receipts, bills, all money coming and going, and make payments directly on the website to the other parent. No need to discuss it at drop off. Imagine the day where you simply drive up, get out of your car, hug your child and simply hand them off, with no discussion necessary related to finances, or handing over checks, or your child being in the middle of an argument. Smooth, simple, consistent. This is what SupportPay wants to help you do.

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