Calculate Mississippi Child Support

Mississippi Department of Human Resources

“Every child deserves the love and support from both parents to develop into the most productive adult possible. The child support program also provides a myriad of other services which include, but is not limited to, paternity establishment, location and enforcement services, and obtaining and modification of court orders.” — MDHS


The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) strives to ensure that every child has the love and support from both parents that they need to grow into productive adults. MDHS offers a variety of services to help with this, including but not limited to paternity establishment, location and enforcement services, and obtaining and modifying court orders.

Working with the non-custodial parent, the Mississippi child support program can help set up a child support order that is fair and meets the needs of both the child and the parents. Once an order is in place, MDHS can also help with enforcement if necessary. If there are any changes that need to be made to the order, MDHS can assist.

Mississippi child support is more than just money. The program also provides a number of other services which can help the child and the family, such as:

  •  Helping to establish paternity for the child
  •  Providing location services if the other parent is not living in Mississippi
  •  Working with employers to withhold child support from wages
  •  Ordering medical support for the child
  •  Providing enforcement services if necessary

If you have any questions about Mississippi child support, or if you need assistance with establishing or enforcing a child support order, please contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

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