TOP 20 Kid Friendly Winter Activities

TOP 20 Kid Friendly Winter Activities

There are so many ways to enjoy the winter months. Some days I just have to get out of the house with my daughter and go do something. But then the question… what should we do? Do you like to spend time outdoors enjoying the snowy mountains? Maybe you just would rather snuggle up by the fire in a warm house. Either way you can find fun winter activities to do with your kids that don’t cost much. Here are 20 of my favorite kid friendly winter activity ideas.

Top ten low or no-cost indoor winter activities:

  1. Indoor rock climbing – find a rock gym near you. Strap in and challenge your family up a route.
  2. Do some baking – bake cookies and deliver some to a friend.
  3. Go to a children’s museum.
  4. DIY – there are so many ideas and instructions for small do-it-yourself projects at home. Refinish a piece of furniture together, paint a room, redecorate and let the kids help.
  5. Make a family home movie – this will be fun for years to come.
  6. Find an indoor play center – trampoline gym, laser tag, giant play structure.
  7. Build a fort – the kind with tons of pillows, blankets tacked to the walls, and furniture moved all over the place.
  8. Have a movie marathon in the fort you just built.
  9. Do a puzzle, start to finish.
  10. Make a snowflake mobile – cut up paper snowflakes, using fishing line to tie them, and decorate with glitter.


Top ten low or no-cost outdoor winter activities:

  1. Snowshoeing – find a local outdoor company that rents snowshoes. Take a trail map and a picnic lunch on a sunny winter day.
  2. Sledding – bundle up and find a hill! Don’t forget the hot chocolate.
  3. Christmas lights tour – take a walking tour down a downtown street, or drive around a neighborhood known for its Christmas lights display.
  4. Have an ice hunt – freeze colored ice cubes, then hide them in the snow and go on a hunt.
  5. Frisbee golf – if its not actually pouring out but just cold, frisbee golf is a great family activity to get a little exercise without noticing. Bundle up and go toss around the discs.
  6. Build a winter bonfire and roast s’mores.
  7. Have a snowball fight.
  8. Paint the snow – use a little food coloring in a squirt bottle of water and make designs outside.
  9. Geocaching – a real life treasure hunt! Check out Geocaching for more info.
  10. Shovel designs – give the kids little shovels and create tunnels, paths or mazes in the snow.