Divorce and Separation

literacy development

Unlocking the Stages of Literacy Development: Nurturing Early Literacy Development

Literacy Development: A Guide Literacy development is the process of learning words, sounds, and language. Children develop literacy skills to learn to read and write confidently and improve their communication skills. The stages of such development vary depending on the … Read More


10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids During a Divorce

Navigating Divorce: What Not to Say to Your Kids and Your Former Spouse Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging chapter in one’s life, and it becomes even more intricate when children are involved. As parents going through a divorce, the way … Read More

Greenlight: The Top Debit Card for Kids and Teens and app for Families

A debit card for kids and teens. In today’s digital age, teaching kids about money management is more crucial than ever. Parents are often on the lookout for practical tools that not only educate their children about finances but also … Read More

Alimony: Florida’s New Law

In recent years, the topic of alimony has been a subject of debate and discussion in the state of Florida. After years of attempts and several vetoed bills, Governor Ron DeSantis has finally signed a new law that brings significant … Read More

Eight Myths About Child Support

Here at SupportPay, we get lots of questions regarding child support. Here is our list of the top eight myths surrounding child support payments and how SupportPay can help manage the financial part so you can focus on raising happy kids. 1. If … Read More

Mental Health and Divorce

Why does divorce create extra challenges for mental health? Its mental health awareness month, and if you are struggling, you’re in good company. Single parents are the group hardest-hit by the pandemic and its aftermath. Why? In addition to the … Read More

What are your Children Worth?

Our mission statement at SupportPay: get your children the support they deserve. We don’t only mean this in a financial sense, but of course that is one of the most important aspects of it, and this is why we focus … Read More

Successful People Raised by Single Parents

Being a single parent is no easy task, and being a child raised by a single parent isn’t always a walk in the park either. The support, attention, and love that children get from both parents is vital to their … Read More

Influential Single Parents

We can’t mention all the incredible single parents out there but as an homage to all of them and as a fun read, we at SupportPay thought we’d tell you some of the most famous and influential single parents out there. Whether … Read More

financial conflict

What causes financial conflict in marriages and how to prevent it

Written By: Lyle David Solomon Far too often money-related issues cause conflict in marriages. While roughly half of marriages overall end in divorce, money issues could last through separation and be a post-marital problem. We all could experience financial issues at … Read More

school performance

School Performance & Divorce

School performance is almost always affected by the divorce of one’s parents. While it is not an easy time for you as a divorcee, it is important not only yo help yourself through this process, but be there for your … Read More

child literacy month

Child Literacy Month & How to Approach It

Child literacy month is here – your child or children might love to read, may not look at books at all, or you may notice that their interest is waning and they are reading less than they used to – … Read More

healthy choices

Healthy Choice Strategies for your Kids

As a parent, raising your children is something that can bring great joy into your life, but like anything else, it comes with its challenges. Helping your children make healthy choices and get them into the mindset of learning how … Read More

common co-parenting problems

The Most Common Problems You Can Face in Co-Parenting

Written By: Ryan Pell  Common co-parenting problems is a popular topic today, as more and more people say it’s vital for a child’s well-being. Research shows that co-parenting is important for a child’s mental health after marriage dissolution and helps form coping … Read More

college expenses

Child Support and College Expenses

Written By: James Collins Many parents know that paying tuition for their children is a necessity but others wonder what constitutes additional expenses beyond the normal child support. With the increase in college expenses and tuition costs, many parents are getting … Read More