Shared Expenses

Managing Medical and Healthcare Expenses as Co-parents

Navigating the world of co-parenting comes with its unique challenges, particularly when it comes to handling shared expenses. Medical and healthcare costs can be significant and are often unpredictable. This guide will walk you through effective strategies for managing these … Read More


Understanding Child Support Laws: What Does Child Support Cover?

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Navigating Shared Expenses: Tips for Splitting Expenses with Your Partner

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The True Value of Child Support: Beyond the Monthly Payment

As a parent, the well-being and happiness of our children are always at the forefront of our minds. When co-parenting, it’s essential to establish a support system that ensures our children’s needs are met. This is where child support comes … Read More

What You Should Know About Pet Custody

When a couple decides to end their relationship, one of the most challenging aspects is often the custody of their pets. Unlike children, pets are considered property in the eyes of the law, so pet custody can be a complex … Read More


How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today

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Must-Known Tips for Paying your Kids College Expenses

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Why You Should Make a Co-Parenting Plan

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Why States Need to Improve Child Support Services

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Co-Parenting And The Dilemma of Shared Expenses

You’ve found a way to make co-parenting easier, and have finally discovered how you can work together on timelines, events, and who takes the kids when and where. You’ve managed to make it easier on yourselves by deciding to work … Read More