how to collect child support in texas

communication resources

Communication Resources for Texas Co-Parents

Divorced parents in Texas rely on communication and organization for their children: about schedules, about finances, about everything! Communication resources and organization can be essential to getting it right. Luckily for you, there are many communication resources available to help. … Read More

questions for your attorney

Questions for your Child Support Attorney in Texas

Sometimes hiring an attorney is the right decision to help your family’s situation. There are important questions for your attorney that you should consider. Maybe you need help with complicated aspects of your divorce, or need advice about a changing … Read More

child support

Communicating Child Support (in Texas)

There is not one specific “list” of acceptable or unacceptable ways to spend child support. The concept of it was meant to make sure the child has its essential needs met, like food, clothing, and shelter. However, there are many … Read More


How to Collect Child Support in Texas

You have an order for child support, but what do you do next? Parents often don’t know where to start, and the process can seem overwhelming. While the method of collection usually depends on how well the parents work together, … Read More