Springtime Stay-Cation

Springtime Stay-Cation

Did you miss Spring Vacation like we did? I am not even sure what happened but between work and baseball it got away from us. So I decided to research a little Stay-Cation way to add some fun to our upcoming weekends. Not everyone can afford the fabulous beach trip or plan the elaborate family getaway. Luckily, there is so much to do with your kids while staying close to home no matter where you live. Make the most of every opportunity and use the time off from school to make memories, regardless of how far away from home you travel. Just remember though, as with the best getaway vacations, take time off from the screens. Set some ground rules about turning phones off, screen time and what is expected of everyone during your stay-cation time. If you are doing an activity at your home, take a break from chores around the house. Let things go. Enjoy your time with your family and truly be present.

Here are the TOP TEN Stay-Cation ideas for you and your kids:


  1. Backyard camping. Pack a backpack, take a hike and end up in your own backyard. You can still roast marshmallows, even in a little BBQ.
  2. Try Geocaching. Learn how to track GPS coordinates and try to find hidden treasures. Go to the Official Geocaching website to learn more.
  3. Go to a major or minor league game. Major league events are awesome, but usually very pricey. Instead you could see what minor league games are close by. They have a similar fun atmosphere, and are much less expensive.
  4. Visit a Museum, from the comfort of your own couch! Many museums around the world offer amazing and informative virtual tours of their facilities. Go online and you’ll be surprised how much you can see and learn about the Smithsonian, the Louvre, the Crayola Factory, or even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Check out many Virtual Tours Here.
  5. Visit your local movie theater. Go all out, with popcorn, candy and drinks, and enjoy the latest new release.
  6. Host a family board game tournament. Invest in a couple new board games possibly. Set up snacks and drinks and have a crazy marathon board game tournament. Don’t forget to have prizes. You could even invite another family to join the fun and extend the tournament play.
  7. Get wet! Find a local pool, water park or beach nearby and enjoy the warm weather together. Even a slip and slide and sprinklers in the back yard will do.
  8. Find what the tourists do. Pretend you are a tourist visiting your hometown and search what there is to do… maybe you go bowling, play laser tag, visit the library, find a local festival, see the sights. Sometimes just playing tourist in our own town lets you see things in a new way. Often when we live close to something, we never visit it. Don’t forget to take cheesy photos at all the hot spots.
  9. Go paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing. Look up your local rental company and try something new at a nearby lake.
  10. Go fishing…indoors. When I was a kid, my parents would hang up a sheet, give us a small fishing pole with a clothespin on the end, and we would fish for fun stuff. Maybe it was small prizes, candy, or a little something special, but it was always a fun time. You can make it a reward, if someone wins a game, they fish for a prize. Or you can make it a decision maker: can’t decide what to do that day and don’t want to fight about the choices? Put options behind the sheet and fish for the answer!


Happy Stay-cation! Don’t forget to share your ideas with friends, and when you are done, create a photo album of your time to make the memories last. Not all your photo albums need to be of your big trips to some far away special place. Remember, home is special.



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