After school snacks kids can make

After school snacks kids can make

After school snacks kids can make

WIth the New Year there are lots of things on my goal list. One of them is training my daughter to be more and more independent, and learn to take care of her body. When she gets home from school, she is starving. I often wonder if my daughter even eats her lunch! But I suppose there’s something about being at school all day, working hard, that makes you extra hungry! Now that she’s getting older, I’m giving her more responsibility. So, when she gets home from school, she’s in charge of rounding up her own healthy snack.


My generation grew up having cookies and snack cakes every day for an after school snack, but I’m trying to teach my daughter better habits. Here’s our list of ten quick and healthy after school snacks that she can handle completely on her own:


1. Apple slices with peanut butter. I bought an apple slicer at the store, so she can slice her own apple without a knife. I taught her how to scoop out on spoonful of peanut butter to dip her apple slices in.


2. String cheese and a yogurt. Kids as young as four can handle this easy snack that’s healthy and delicious.


3. Half a bagel with honey. I make sure to buy the easy squeeze honey and pre-sliced bagels. I taught my daughter to safely use the toaster oven, so she can toast her bagel without getting burned.


4. Carrot sticks and hummus. I try to buy the skinny baby carrots so she can take them right out of the bag for dipping.


5. Trail mix. My daughter loves trail mix, but most of the pre-made trail mixes have more junk in them than healthy stuff. So I started buying an assortment of nuts and dried fruits (and some mini chocolate chips). I keep them all separated in glass containers and she can get a small scoop of whatever sounds good in the moment and mix it up in a bowl.


6. Turkey and cheese tortilla roll up. These are so tasty, but incredibly easy to make! My daughter spreads a little cream cheese on a tortilla, lays a slice of turkey and a slice cheese on it, then rolls it up and eats.


7. English muffin “pizza”. I keep a small jar of tomato sauce and some shredded mozzarella cheese in the fridge so my daughter can make a mini pizza for a snack sometimes. It’s way healthier than any pre-made pizza.


8. Ants on a log. My daughter loves to slather peanut butter in a piece of celery and load it up with raisins. Then she carefully eats each raisin one by one before she eats the celery.


9. Smoothie. I took an idea from Simple Green Smoothies and started prepping smoothie fixings ahead of time. Instead of using a mason jar, I bought one of those single serving size blender containers. I load up all her smoothie ingredients and pop it in the fridge. After school, she can put the container right onto the blender, press start, and two minutes later, she’s got a fresh smoothie!


10. Peanut butter banana roll up. A twist on the turkey cheese roll up, this one is super easy too. My daughter spreads some peanut butter on a tortilla, then rolls a banana up inside. Easy to make, easy to eat.


What are your go-to after school snacks?