Refer Your Friends

Are you a SupportPay user? Do you love being able to keep track of everything in one place and not have to worry about the headache of collecting support from your ex? If you are a happy user, then you need to refer your friends!

We are proud to announce our new referral program so that we can help as many parents as possible with their child support and the process of sharing child expenses.  If you who know someone that can benefit from SupportPay or for legal professionals who want to help their clients manage their child support and child expenses, easily refer SupportPay in our new referral program.

Check out this page!

  1. Enter the email address of the other parent
  2. Enter their own name
  3. Enter Your e-mail address
  4. Click “Send Email”

An invitation email will automatically be sent to the other parent, inviting them to join SupportPay. The referrer’s name will appear in the email so that they know who sent the invitation.

What a great gift you can give to a friend of coworker. Everyone should know that there is help in a very stressful situation. Tell them how easy it is. Tell them how much stress it has relieved you. Tell them of your excitement and get more of your friends in that same frame of mind. Tell the truth….wouldn’t your mom friends be more fun if they were less stressed and not fighting with their ex about money all the time? Of course, what would you have to gab about over drinks if they weren’t mad at their ex? I’m sure you’ll think of something. Support your friends with SupportPay today!

So let’s refer your friends!

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