Sign up and work together

You can use SupportPay by yourself as a way to track and organize your expenses, but it’s most powerful as a collaboration tool for two co-parents. First, one parent signs up, enters the details of their child support agreement, and invites the other parent to sign up. Once the other parent receives an invitation, they need to confirm their identity, and then everyone is all set.

Once you’re signed up, SupportPay automates how you manage child support, shared expenses and even alimony payments. All financial conversations, reminders and notifications can be managed online, saving both parents time and money. Your recurring monthly support payments are established in a support order. During registration, the first parent can add the details of their order so that both parents have a reference of the agreed upon basic monthly payment.

1st parent to register adds information and invites second parent. 2nd parent to register verifies information is correct.