Effortlessly manage your dependents' costs with SupportPay. Track essentials like clothing, medical bills, and education, along with extras like extracurricular activities. Our user-friendly platform helps you monitor expenses, categorize them by needs, and specify merchants involved.

Add-Expense Wizard

Explore the simplicity of our 3-step Expense Wizard, designed for quick and easy entry of direct and additional expenses. Tailored for financial caregivers, this intuitive tool tracks expenses per dependent, categorizes spending based on various needs, and specifies the involved merchants. With automatic calculation of each user’s share, eliminating the guesswork, making financial management a stress-free experience.

Bill Pay

You now have the ability to upload a bill where each person can send their payment directly to a merchant or 3rd party. In addition, you can send a check directly to the merchant right from SupportPay. No more wondering if a payment has been made or having to send money for a reimbursement. Now, each family member can send their payment directly to the 3rd party or merchant, and everyone can log in to SupportPay to get up to the minute status of payments.


Receipt Scanning

Streamline your financial tracking with SupportPay’s Receipt Scanning feature. Effortlessly upload and attach receipts to your expenses, providing a visual record of where your money is allocated. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to keep your financial records organized and accessible, ensuring transparency in every transaction.

Split Expenses

Beyond the basics, our intuitive platform empowers you to effortlessly divide shared expenses that arise in your loved ones’ lives, simplifying financial management and accommodating your family’s unique lifestyle. Explore detailed expense tracking capabilities, handle your share of expenses, streamline payments, and receive instant updates—all while ensuring the highest level of security for your financial data.

Data Import

Seamlessly add your historical expenses or support payments to our intuitive template and effortlessly upload them into our platform. With this feature, users can efficiently migrate their existing data into SupportPay, ensuring all financial records are consolidated and easily accessible in one centralized location.

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