Send and receive payments securely, ensuring that financial responsibilities are met with ease. With SupportPay, managing payments has never been more convenient, providing a seamless solution for your family's financial needs.


Offline Payments

Manage offline payments with SupportPay, providing the flexibility to record cash, check, or credit card transactions. Capture and store payment proof securely, ensuring a comprehensive and organized record of all financial transactions for seamless tracking and peace of mind.

Bank Transfer

Facilitate swift and secure transactions with SupportPay’s Bank Transfer feature, allowing you to send or receive payments directly from your bank account to other family members without disclosing sensitive banking information. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of sending or receiving payments through PayPal, ensuring a convenient and versatile financial management experience.


Dispute Management

SupportPay features built-in dispute management. If you disagree with an expense, initiate a dispute by proposing your terms and providing a reason. This process allows for up to three rounds of negotiation, encouraging mutual agreement. During a dispute, the item is temporarily removed from the total due, enabling other payments to proceed.


Pay Multiple Items at Once

SupportPay offers the flexibility to pay multiple items simultaneously or make partial payments toward the total balance due. Whether settling several expenses at once or contributing a portion of the total amount, our platform adapts to your preferences, ensuring a hassle-free and customizable payment experience.

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